29 July 2008

What you can and can't in Silverlight

You can: insert a calendar in a button.

Who would want to do that anyway?

You can't: insert a link in text. Who would want to do that anyway?

You can: insert a link in a button. Now try clicking one so fast the other won't notice.

You can't: click on a control like a dumbass. At least when the VisualStateManager is involved, it raises a critical exception.

You can: control you treadmill from Silverlight. I'd exchange that for the links in the text, but it's still a nice feature to have.

You can't: inherit like a normal person. It's a bug if it's working fine.


  1. thanks for info
    best regard, nice 2 know u

  2. From my experience I can tell that things like calendar within a button
    or other features that are completely obsolete for engineers, are like the Holy Grail for marketing departments. Their motto is: "Make that pink triangle jump when I click on that yellow circle and show me a working version before your workday end" :) That's what makes Flex so popular, although it is so far the most crappy programming environment I have worked with, and Action Script is the only programming language I know with so may bugs within the language core itself.

  3. You're totally right. In fact, I like Silverlight because it responds to the needs of both groups: the programming environment is great to use and making a fancy animated presentation layer is easy as well.