20 June 2008

Not everything is due at midnight.

Today has been another day of gaining life experience and wisdom.

I used to think everything was always due at midnight, unless otherwise stated. The operating systems assignement were due in the morning, which meant sleepless nights. Everything else is always due at midnight, as far as I know.

Today, an economy paper was due. Interdisciplinary and related to our studies. With the team project going like crazy and finals, let's just say that an economy paper is not exactly my main priority, nor has ever been in the 45 given days. (Yes, 45.) I sat to it tonight, at 10 p.m. (Yes, two hours, and it was 45 days.) Well, I did some work before: I chose a subject. Buying DRM-protected music made me wonder wether good protection of the kind can be done, which is crypto, which is related to my studies. So, subject: piracy, because it's so interdisciplinary (crypto, economy, sociology, ethics,...) So, 10 p.m., me logs to the platform and what do I see? It's due at 11 p.m.! Did I panick? Not at all, I didn't have time. I just started writing and produced 6500 characters in one hour. This is easier in Polish as the words are longer, but the thing that really helps is writing on a regular basis, which I do here. Anyway, I wrote my paper without sacrificing more time for it than it deserves (now I really really hope the teacher doesn't read this).

Today was way longer that this and way richer in experiences, but, tomorrow is the correcting codes final exam, so I have to go now. Sleep well and remember that not everything is due at midnight.

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