04 May 2008

This just in: new great master seminar for the CS major!

My third year of computer science studies is ending soon, which means I have to choose one of about 20 master seminars. I was thinking "Logic, Computational Theory and Cryptography", as it has "crypto" in its name and I take all the courses that have "crypto" in their names. But, logic and computational theory... not really my thing, so I was wondering if there was a seminar about security. After all the crypto-classes in math, it would be great to learn something more practical. However, Boyfriend, who picked his CS master seminar two years ago, said there was no such thing.

So, yesterday, I decided to check what security courses my school offered, and I found this:
Course name: Security and Cryptography - interesting...
Academic year: 2008/2009 - very interesting...
Course type: master seminar - whoah!

Imagine this luck! Two years ago, when I had to choose a math master seminar and took interested in number theory (I finished both number theory courses with the best grades), "Number Theory and Cryptography" was created! (And I got in! Students with better grades have priority, so choosing a seminar doesn't mean you'll attend it yet.) And now, again, the seminar of my dreams appears! How amazing is that!

Now my only concern is to get in. Wish me luck!


  1. hey Ania:)
    why You went so fast???
    Haven't seen you for ages:P ;]
    You look great with your new hair:)

  2. Hi Ania,
    Thanks about the hair. ;)
    I'm sorry I walked away so fast, but I was going to a doctor's appointement and was in a hurry.
    I left you a private message on Grono - see you there!