02 April 2008

Google SoC student application deadline moved!

If I had posted that yesterday, no one would have believed me. Or... this is Google playing a joke on me. I hope not.

Anyway, the point is, the student application deadline has been moved to Monday, April 7, 2008! I think it's a great desicion because the amount of time that was given was very short and writing one good application was realy hard, as I already started writing (see, I was even too busy to blog about it!).

Now that explains why when I opened my "student home" page at SoC, I still could add new applications.

I guess I will write a new application then. I won't be able to give it as much time, but I won't require that much time either, as I have been browsing the OLPC wiki and thinking about it a lot for a week.

Keep wishing me luck!

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