09 April 2008

Writing my Google SoC application, part 3

A week ago, I wrote and posted my SoC application and was very happy with it. Then I learned the deadline had been pushed by a week and things got a bit crazy.

The first thing to do was to contact the potential mentor and ask him whether it was what was needed. Actually, it was a thing to be done long before. There's a week before the student application period starts for that and then the entire week. But, silly me, I missed that first week. (Wasn't I finishing the operating systems project then? It doesn't matter anyway.)

So I asked. And got answered. That another student had applied for the same project and they preferred him. The project got therefore split into server-side and client-side, the second one being for me, and I had to rewrite my application. I am not as happy with it as I used to be, but well, otherwise I would have no chance of being accepted. Not that the odds are very strong now, OLPC has over 150 applications, and I guess it won't have more than 20 spots, so there can't be two on one project.

Speaking of numbers, there are 175 organisations and 7000 applications. 7000/175=40, so OLPC is high above the average. (I should have applied to Tux Paint.)

Anyway, I did my best and the guy in charge does what he can too, so we can just hope for the best now and wait patiently for the results, which will be announced on April 21st.

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