21 April 2008

Make your own cool USB drive - 8 tutorials

There are some really cool USB drives on the market nowadays. However, nothing beats making your own one, and it's really easy as you can start with a drive as small as this one:

There are also loads of tutorials avaliable. My favourite one is the broken usb cable:

Another cool idea is a keyboard key: Enter or Backspace:

If you love Legos as much as me, check out the Lego brick:

... and the Lego airplane:

Still on the toy shelf, the Playmobil:

... and the Pez dispenser:

A legend says that eBay's founder Pierre Omidyar got the idea for eBay when his fiancée traded Pez dispensers. But it's just a legend.

Back to the USB drives. If you have access to the right equipement, you can make an undestructible one:

... or a transparent one:

And lastly, "make your own USB drive for dummies":

Want some more ideas? Take a look the top 10 weirdest USB drives ever and a gallery of unique USB gadgets.


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  2. “…nothing beats making your own one…” — Absolutely true! We use USBs to store our personal files and documents, and it would really be nice if we make them personalized. Giving personal touch to your stuff can make them even more valuable.

    Nannie Salyard