11 April 2008

Random Linkage: Photoshop Disasters

I'm sick and tired of my life and my school today (don't worry, it will go away soon), so instead of writing about me, I'm starting a new column on the blog. It's called "random linkage" and consists of random linkage and will appear at random times.

Today, I'm recommending you a blog called "Photoshop Disasters". It features Photoshop disasters like these:

A three-armed princess...

... and a three-armed pop-star (which is not photoshopped, but still fun).

Besides funny pictures, this blog showcases how fake most pictures we see everyday are. Have a look at these:

Now think of all the women who hate looking in the mirror because they look like the pictures on the right and not on the left. But that is a bigger conversation.

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