03 April 2008

Writing my Google SoC application, part 2

Here's part 1 if scrolling down doesn't let you see it and you wonder where it is.

During the next few days, I browsed the OLPC wiki a lot. I also installed my own Sugar: one emulated on Quemu under Windows with a ready-to-use image, and one I compiled myself under Ubuntu (it really does take hours). I tried out DrGeo and made a project that illustrates that the angles of a triangle always sum up to 180 degrees:

I wasn't getting any answer and time was passing, so I started thinking about alternative ideas. For the language and finance teaching software, the competiton had grown. I decided to go for the blogging project - creating a blogging platform based on Wordpress easy enough for the children to use and bandwith-saving (if I have a hard time loading Blogger's home to start posting - how about kids in the bother countries?). Friday - started thinking. Saturday - discussed it with Boyfriend and wrote down a few use cases. Sunday - spent the entire day (excluding: sleeping late, visiting Grandma, going to Church) writing my application and I finished past midnight.

I was quite happy with my application and glad that I was done. All I had to do was now wait patiently for an answer and get back to my school work. Well, I thought so. But I was wrong.

To be continued.

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